A personal prayer

It is my prayer that by the sanctifying power of Christ the attribute of satan will be expelled from my soul. I choose to follow Christ and pray for wisdom not to allow the love of pleasures and earthly riches to become barrier to my relationship with HIM. I pray for wisdom to train my children in the heavenly pattern. It i my desire to surround them with influence that lead them to peace and happiness and the correct view of life.

I long for open ear that hears the Holy Spirit  speak to my heart. I am encouraged that Christ came to the world to seek the lost and save them. I pray that as i grow in Christ i will be a sower of his word. I desire to share the fruit of Christlike sympathy  by personal ministry with others. I pray to hold-fast in faith as i go about the tribulation of this life.

May my life be a testimony to my friends, family and neighbors that demonstrates  seed sown in fertile ground that bear fruit a hundred fold………


Our Advocate

The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in us. He dwells in us upon our invitation. The essence of the Holy Spirit is to restore our union with God. It is through the Holy spirit that we establish a personal relationship with God. It is the Holy Spirit that works in us to cause a change. God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy spirit. God lives in the depths of our hearts. We get born again once we become conscious of God presence in us . The Holy Spirit reminds us of Christ’s words, activates our consciousness, influences our motives and desires and makes us want to obey. Prayer life changes, the scripture becomes alive and as a result doing Gods will becomes something we desire with all our heart and mind.
God’s Spirit is alive and wants to transform our lives. Jesus came died and rose from the dead in order to bring us abundant life – John 10:10. He was tortured to death so that we could experience his grace. Invite Jesus into your life and allow the Holy Spirit to live in you and all the Finished work of his death and resurrection will case a change in you.