The Holy Spirit today

In the Old Testament period the Spirit of God descended upon man to move man to perform God’s work; the emphasis was upon the Spirit of God being the power to man. In the Old Testament, through generation after generation, the Spirit of God continually descended upon man as a divine power that moved man to work, fight, and speak for God; or as the excelling wisdom that enabled man to manage affairs for God. In the Old Testament times, the Spirit of God merely descended upon man as power, but did not enter into man as life; He only bestowed a divine power upon man, but did not impart to man a divine nature. He descended upon man that man might have God’s power, but not His nature. It is not untill the New Testament times that the Holy Spirit formally enters into man and becomes man’s life, so that man might have God’s nature.

What a privilege it is for us to embrace the Holy Spirit and allow him to work in us and make us what God wants us to be.

Let us pray. –Father, according to Your Word I declare that all Your promises to me are yes and amen. I thank You, God, for giving me good gifts, and for freely giving me the Holy Spirit, who empowers me to pray effectively and strategically according to Your perfect will for my life. God, I thank You, and I praise You for who You are. In Jesus’s name, amen.


The elusive Truth

Jesus Christ came into the world as an offering by God the Father so that all our sins could be forgiven. He came redeemed us and exchanged is righteous for our sins and death. It has already been and there is no more blood can be shade as it were during the time of the of the old Testament.This truth is very elusive to the world and as a result many will perish. Many still believe that you have to do Good to earn salvation? The truth is that the good God has already earned the salvation for us by  his death on the cross and resurrecting. Our part is to believe this truth and there after we welcome the Holy spirit into our lives so that HE can transform us into Christlike.Our true God is a loving God and he allow a to freely accept him out of our own free will. If you reject the truth which is that Jesus has redeemed us then you are sinning willfully and for sure there is no sacrifice for sin.Hebrews 10:26.

  The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. Romans 8:16-17

If we refuse to take the identity that the spirit is trying to convict as that as Jesus is so are we . Our spirit is as perfect as that of Jesus for he took us and he become us. When you are born again the real you- your spirit  becomes transformed into like Jesus but our soul convince us otherwise. We are heavenly bound as Jesus has already done it.  Be a living epistle for Jesus here on earth to tell  all others that he is a Good God who has done great thing for me. Live from Christ like identity and leave for him. According to my spirit I am whom he say I am that is the correct you when you behave contrary that is not you but your  mistaken identity due to allowing the flesh to mislead you. My identity is in Christ and it is what makes  me whom I am not my behavior which are misleading.

A personal prayer

It is my prayer that by the sanctifying power of Christ the attribute of satan will be expelled from my soul. I choose to follow Christ and pray for wisdom not to allow the love of pleasures and earthly riches to become barrier to my relationship with HIM. I pray for wisdom to train my children in the heavenly pattern. It i my desire to surround them with influence that lead them to peace and happiness and the correct view of life.

I long for open ear that hears the Holy Spirit  speak to my heart. I am encouraged that Christ came to the world to seek the lost and save them. I pray that as i grow in Christ i will be a sower of his word. I desire to share the fruit of Christlike sympathy  by personal ministry with others. I pray to hold-fast in faith as i go about the tribulation of this life.

May my life be a testimony to my friends, family and neighbors that demonstrates  seed sown in fertile ground that bear fruit a hundred fold………

Lamb of God

While John the Baptist was going about his business he saw Jesus and said ‘Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!’. John 1:29. This he said about a young Galilean carpenter to a bunch of Jewish people who for centuries had offered their sacrificial lambs at the temple!. This statement provoked  the Jewish people and they were confused thereafter.   “This man is the One whom God has sent to be what all of those thousands of lambs over hundreds of years have symbolized! And He is not only the Lamb that God sent for Israel, but also for the whole world! “The great statement by John the Baptist meant that Christ was the great sacrifice for sin, who was to come to make atonement for transgression by His own death upon the cross. This is the most powerful statement that John ever made and it is worth a closer look to understand its implication to us in our daily lives.
‘Behold.” This is a command to look to Jesus. John doesn’t say, “Look at me! I’m a great prophet!” He doesn’t say, “Look at your good works; they will save you.” He doesn’t say, “Look at your religious rituals; they will put you in good stead on judgment day.” He doesn’t say, “Look at your religious heritage or your church attendance.” He says, “Look to the Lamb of God!” Jesus saves sinners who look in faith to Him.
‘The Lamb of God” means that Jesus is the supreme Lamb and the only Lamb that God has provided to take away our sins there is no other and he is the only one. “Of God” means that God sent Jesus to bear our sins. He is God’s gift to us “Takes away” signifies “atonement, and that by substitution he was made sin for us. He died so that sinners who trust in Him will not incur God’s judgment. Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself put an end once for all to all of the Jewish sacrifices.“Takes away” is also in the present tense, signifying the ongoing sufficiency of Jesus’ sacrifice and the fact that it is available at all times for every sinner who will trust in Him.
“Sin” is singular, heaping together all the trillions of sins in human history into one gigantic pile. It also means that Jesus not only took away the guilt of our many individual sins, but also the guilt of the inborn sin that we inherited from Adam. “Of the world” does not mean that Christ paid the penalty for every sinner who has ever lived, because then all would be saved. It refers to people in general, both Jews and Gentiles, not to people without exception. Jesus purchased for God with his blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.” Rev 5.9 “Of the world” also points to the adequacy of Christ’s atonement for any person, no matter how terrible that person’s sins may be. Christ invites all to come to the feast that He has prepared.
In the book of Isaiah 45:22 we read – Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth. Its all that is required and you will be saved too, if you look in faith to Jesus, the Lamb that God provided to take away your sins.

The Blood of Jesus

When God breathed into Adams nostril he caused the flow of blood in the breath. The spirit of man was created and the soul was released. The blood of Adam came from the breath of God. Likewise the blood of Jesus came from God not from Mary or Joseph his earthly parents. If Jesus blood came from either parent it would have been polluted and therefore not have the saving effect. The blood and the Holy spirit are connected and that is why the blood has power. The blood in our body keeps us alive. When you die the blood dies and stinks. The moment the breath of God depart from us we die. He breathed in Adams nostril and he became alive because it was Gods spirit. During the fall of man, man died spiritually as God could not entertain to be associated with sin that had entered into mankind. Gods spirit departed. every person is alienated and separated from God because of our sin- Colossians 1:21. That means even the best of us are actually unable to approach God to offer worship or prayer. Because of our sins, we remain at a distance from Him. What God speaks is eternal and that is why babies are still being born as it is God who said let us make man…. When God breathed into Adam the breath that flowed into Adam is still flowing as Gods word is eternal. God is still making man. Gods blood keeps my spiritual life alive while my blood keeps my physical body alive. We have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus” -Hebrews 10:19. If you are a Christian today, you can have boldness and confidence as you approach God with your prayers and your worship, because you are no longer far away from God, “Now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been made near by the blood of Christ”-Ephesians 2:13. Accept and acknowledge the saving power of the blood of Jesus.