We are in a journey as we daily discover our purpose here on earth. Why are we in this world?. What contributions does each of us make in this world?. … be fruitful and multiply… Genesis 1:28. These are the first words God made to man.

To Know him, to Love him and to Serve him is my mission instructions.

Relationships is what life is all about!

…with God our creator and with other people.

Relationships are based on love and time is a precious gift we invest in a relationship.

Join me as we journey through life

I am a child of God and a citizen of heaven. This world is not my home and I am an alien and exile. The citizens of this world search for their meaning and purpose in life from this world alone . I am made for home which is in heaven and that is where my identity lies.
In this world I live in times of darkness and evil. For this reason there is need to walk carefully so as to rescue the time God has given me on earth from the many evil uses and perspectives promoted by the evil one.
I am here as an ambassador of Christ called to a worldwide mission of making disciples of all nations. I represent the savior Jesus Christ , to glorify God and enjoy him forever.


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