The Holy Spirit today

In the Old Testament period the Spirit of God descended upon man to move man to perform God’s work; the emphasis was upon the Spirit of God being the power to man. In the Old Testament, through generation after generation, the Spirit of God continually descended upon man as a divine power that moved man to work, fight, and speak for God; or as the excelling wisdom that enabled man to manage affairs for God. In the Old Testament times, the Spirit of God merely descended upon man as power, but did not enter into man as life; He only bestowed a divine power upon man, but did not impart to man a divine nature. He descended upon man that man might have God’s power, but not His nature. It is not untill the New Testament times that the Holy Spirit formally enters into man and becomes man’s life, so that man might have God’s nature.

What a privilege it is for us to embrace the Holy Spirit and allow him to work in us and make us what God wants us to be.

Let us pray. –Father, according to Your Word I declare that all Your promises to me are yes and amen. I thank You, God, for giving me good gifts, and for freely giving me the Holy Spirit, who empowers me to pray effectively and strategically according to Your perfect will for my life. God, I thank You, and I praise You for who You are. In Jesus’s name, amen.


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