As a christian we testify with the heart that Jesus is righteousness. Rom 10:9. with the heart we know that Christ11025758_10153178213137863_7775206276258899460_n is righteousness. Believe in your heart. Just as there is faith toward Jesus for salvation there is faith towards Holy spirit for power. The more you meditate upon the bible the more… to mediate is to think. Slowly attentively and repeatedly is how to meditate. Wait for the Holy spirit. To take word into our heart we must read the bible slowly, attentively and repeatedly. Go back again to personalize message.We need to come back to the issue of faith. You try to imitate but it doesn’t work. God will not meet you because you imitate what other do. Belief in the heart. God will meet you if you are obedient. With the heart you believe that Jesus is righteousness. Our spirit acts upon the word and we us our faith to put the demand upon the anointing. Just as there is faith towards Jesus for salvation so too the is faith to the Holy Spirit for Power. Once you believe in your heart.there is one accord. Your words and your hearts believe must be in harmony for the power to manifest. The key is to read your bible slowly in quick and private place. Nature helps to set the environment. Read attentively  The more you think the more you meditate and the more you’r spirit acts on the word and thus deliver. If the way you are speaking in prayer, counseling and  preaching are not in accordance to the spirit of God it is more harmful. Into the bush with bananas will lead to an attack from the wild animals. If you don’t speak the bible it cannot speak itself. The word of God is spirit and spirit is greater than material things. Without spirit of God all our efforts are futile. A time to read the bible is devotion. You  do not meet God not by imitating others but by believing God. If your spirit is not free it can’t attract the spirit of God. Release yourself to make your spirit free to relate with God. Self imprisonment is when your spirit is not free. Holding on to an offense imprisons you. An offense cant affect the glory of God but holding onto an offense does. Release your self.


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