The Fall of Man

better tommorrowWhereas God intended to have a relationship with man after he created him, we lost it the moment Adam disobeyed Gods commandment and ate the forbidden fruit. Adam no longer knew God in the intimate way and he lost the wisdom and insight he previously had. The Authority and dominion over all the earth as God had planned was also lost. His body also which was to remain ageless and eternal started to age with time. Instantly Adam and Eve died spiritually and they began to slowly die physically as time went by. They were cut off from the life of God. When God called Adam after the fall Adam replied that he had heard Gods voice in the Garden and he was afraid and hid from God. He was lost and all of humanity was lost as everything produces after its own kind. Adam was the seed of Mankind and all of humanity after him was lost just as he was lost.
Mankind without God leaves in darkness and he is deceived by Satan into self destruction.


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