Seeds sworn by the wayside

Our Lord Jesus often used parables to teach spiritual truths to the people he met. In one of his teachings, he referred to the seeds sworn by the wayside.
The seed sown by the wayside represents the word of God as it falls upon the heart of an inattentive hearer. A heart that is absorbed in selfish aims and sinful indulgences is hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. The spiritual faculties are paralyzed by sin and thus although man hears the word he is unable to understand and comprehend the truth being passed on. As the birds are ready to catch up the seed from the wayside, so Satan is ready to catch away the seed of truth from the soul. He (Satan) fears that the word may awaken the careless, and take effect upon the hardened heart. Satan and his angles are in the assemblies where the gospel is preached. While angles of heaven endeavor to impress the heart with the word of God, the enemy is on the alert to make the word of no effect. With an earnestness equaled only by his malice, he tries to thwart the work of spirit of God. While Christ is drawing the soul by his love Satan tries to turn away the attention of the one who is moved to seek the savior. He engages the mind with worldly schemes. He excites critics, or insinuates, doubt and instils unbelief. The speaker’s choice of language or his manner may not please the hearers and they dwell upon these defects. Thus the truth they need, and which God has graciously sent them has no lasting impressions on them.
We should know the tricks of the deceiver who works hard to ensure we do not benefit from the truth of God. Our busy environment are especially distracting and often keeps away from the richness of Gods words.


2 thoughts on “Seeds sworn by the wayside

  1. Our hearts are the different soils upon which the seed is planted. How we respond to the word determins the benefit we reap from the word. We should guard our hearts


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