Loss of direction

The word of God is our compass which directs our lives in this competitive world where we are always bombarded with enough noise to cause distraction. Billboards, Newspapers, Radio, internet are all flashing distractive messages into our heads which compete for our attention.
In many countries of the world the word of God has been set aside in schools. Through legislature, the word of God has been placed out of reach and even prayer or the mention of God is prohibited. The word of God is often compared with the supposed teachings of science, and is made to appear uncertain and untrustworthy. Due to this seeds of doubt are planted in the minds of the youth, and in times of temptations they spring up. When faith in God’s word is lost, the soul has no guide, no safeguard. The youth are drawn into paths which lead away from God and everlasting life. This is the main cause of the great degree attributed to widespread iniquity in our word today. When the word of God is set aside, its power to restrain the evil passions of the natural heart is rejected. Men sow to the flesh and of the flesh they reap corruption.


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