What gift do you give when you have unlimited resources?

He did it for us

Mustard Seed Budget

greatest giftGod has “undiminishable” riches. No matter how much you take away from them, it’s like a drop in the oceans.

So when He paid our ransom, it was a light thing. He could afford whatever price the devil set.

His only limited resource was His son. He had only one.

I’ve known parents to suffer prolonged acute grief over the loss of a son. That pain is assuaged many times by the presence of other children. God had no other children. He couldn’t preserve His favorite son and send the brat to die for humanity.

Even though Christ resurrected and triumphed over death, I believe God’s grief was unbearable.

Really, no one told God that it had to be His Son. God makes the rules, so He could have sent an angel to die on the cross for us. He could have sent all of His angels.

But to show…

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2 thoughts on “What gift do you give when you have unlimited resources?

  1. The more we draw from his abudant riches the more we are associated with him. Help us to always be in your presence and obtaing your blessings


    • Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well, If only you new who it is who is asking you for a drink….. and you will never thirst again. Lets draw from him and we shall never be thirsty again


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