No Condemnation

Do you perceive God as a harsh judge exacting demands upon you?. When things don’t work out in your plans do you blame it on God?. Contrary to what most people believe our God is a loving Father who sees not your failures and thus judges you but rather who sees us through the blood of his beloved son Jesus who died and his blood washed away all our sins. Before our Lord Jesus came died and was resurrected, the high priest used to atone for the sins of the people using blood of animals. It was not sufficient and had to be repeated annually during the feast of atonement. All that was a shadow of what was to happen later. Before God we are righteous and it’s the enemy who tries to make us believe that God sees us critically and punishes us for our wrong doing. Rom 8:33 – 34 reads

Who will bring a charge against the chosen ones of God? God is the One declaring righteous. Who is the one condemning? Christ is the One having died, but rather also, having been raised up, who is also at the right hand of God, who also intercedes on our behalf.

Since our Lord Jesus died on the cross over 2000 years ago. He was judged in your place for all the wrongs committed. Do not accept to be condemned by the lies of the evil one. Refuse to accept any condemnation and reject every symptom of the curse that may manifest in the circumstances that you may be in. All the debt is paid for by the blood of Jesus. Accept him and yield to his control over your life and the fruits of his righteousness will manifest in your life. Stand in the truth of God’s word and he will deliver and bless you.


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