The Shepherd

cropped-022.jpgWe are dependent on God for our existence, for our happiness, and for our security and significance.God cares about us intimately.
For most Christian however life is devoid of God’s power. It is simply a matter of doing the best we can to conform to certain expected standards. Some are more successful at conforming externally to the pattern of their peers than others, but even for these, there is generally the awareness that something is missing. Some of us find comfort in the fact that no one is perfect; everyone has their weaknesses. Because we are doing our best, we hope God understands. Yes, no one is perfect. Maybe we are doing our best and certainly God does understand, but this does not alter the fact that unless we are walking by faith in God and His plan and provision, we are missing the abundant life Christ offers. Our best is not what God wants. He wants faith in His best—the Lord Jesus—His very own Son and the fullness of blessing He has made available for us in Him.
One of the strongest evidences of mankind’s fall into sin and his alienation from God is his proneness, indeed, his commitment to operate independently of God. As in the beginning with Eve, this is where Satan still seeks to deceive and tempt us the most. True, salvation through faith in Christ means the believer is a new creation with a new nature or new capacity for knowing, loving, and choosing for God. But the old nature, the self-life, or the flesh as it is also called, still struggles to control. The most prominent characteristic of the flesh is that of self-dependence, seeking to handle life apart from God’s plan and resources.


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