Light your path

In a confused world where we are often blinded by evil, and fail to see clearly Jesus is the only light we can rely on. The church which is the body of Christ is called to reflect this light. The light of Christ needs to inspire our cultures and transform our traditional beliefs so that while not alienating us from our roots it allows us to venture into the new life of grace.

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear.

The revelation of your word gives light, gives understanding to the simple.

Give me lord your light that I may never walk in darkness. Lead me in your ways that I may walk without fear.

Thank you lord for being my light, my shepherd and my guide. Amen


4 thoughts on “Light your path

  1. Yhanks Kim. The stronger the light that illuminates your path the safer it is to walk trough the path of life. The world is full of temptations and distraction which ultimately lead us to sin and misery.


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