Commitment to God

1. God deserves the best we have to offer. All that we have are gifts that God has given us for our use. Our time, talents, resources, possessions are all gifts. In the book of Malachi 1:7-9, we read “When you say, ‘The altar of GOD is not important anymore; worship of GOD is no longer a priority,’ that’s defiling. And when you offer worthless animals for sacrifices in worship, animals that you’re trying to get rid of–blind and sick and crippled animals–isn’t that defiling? Try a trick like that with your banker or your senator–how far do you think it will get you?” GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies asks you. “Get on your knees and pray that I will be gracious to you. You priests have gotten everyone in trouble. With this kind of conduct, do you think I’ll pay attention to you?” GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies asks you. The best way to be committed to our good Lord is to offer him the best of all that he has offered to us.

2. Change our wrong ways of living. Our ways of living should depict Christ who lives in us. Our focus should be guided by love which is what God is. God warns the priest that if they do not honor him he would punish them. Likewise we too are called to honor Gods Name and to worship him. This means to acknowledge God for who he is the almighty creator of the universe who alone is perfect and reaches down to us sinful mankind with perfect love. We should listen to what the word of God says and then set our hearts, mind and will to doing according to his word. When we love God his word becomes a shining light that guides our daily activities.

3. Make family a long life priority. God made man and a woman and brought them together for the first marriage at the garden of Eden. He made the two into one in the marriage union and instructed them to multiply and fill the earth. Marriage of a man and a woman is the beginning of the family institution where children are born and brought up in the write manner in the book of Malachi the essence of family life is stressed .Malachi 2:13-16.. And here’s a second offense: You fill the place of worship with your whining and sniveling because you don’t get what you want from GOD. Do you know why? Simple. Because GOD was there as a witness when you spoke your marriage vows to your young bride, and now you’ve broken those vows, broken the faith-bond with your vowed companion, your covenant wife. GOD, not you, made marriage. His Spirit inhabits even the smallest details of marriage. And what does he want from marriage? Children of God, that’s what. So guard the spirit of marriage within you. Don’t cheat on your spouse. “I hate divorce,” says the GOD of Israel. GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies says, “I hate the violent dismembering of the ‘one flesh’ of marriage.” So watch yourselves. Don’t let your guard down. Don’t cheat.
4. Accept Gods refining process in our live. In the process of refining metal the raw metal is heated with fire until it melts. The impurities separate from it and rise to the surface. They are skimmed off leaving the pure metal. Without this heating and melting purification could not be possible. As the skimming continues the reflection of the worker appears in the smooth pure surface. As we are purified by God his reflection in us will become more and more clear to those around us. We have to be open to Gods purification in our lives and in the process help to witness to those around us.


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