Guarding against Temptations

Temptation is Satan’s invitation to give in to his kind of life and give up Gods way of life. Satan tempted Eve and succeed in making her give in and thus get to sin. Its from this origin that we sin because we are sinners and not that we are sinners because we sin. Since then Satan is busy at tempting people to sin, he even tempted Jesus however Jesus did not sin.
Temptation in itself is not sin, what is sin is to give into temptation. How then can we resist temptation? We have to be rooted in the word of God, we have to pray for strength to overcome and we have to run away from the temptation. Eve was tempted by planting into her doubt of Gods goodness. Satan misled her to believe that God is stingy and selfish for not wanting her to share his knowledge of Good and evil. Satan made eve forget all the good God had given her and instead focus on the one one thing she could not have. We also fall into trouble when we focus on the few things we don not have rather than on the countless things God has given us. The next time you are feeling sorry for what you don’t have consider all the things you have and thank God for them. Illusion that freedom is doing anything we want is misleading and this is why Satan succeeds in misleading us .However God says that true freedom is in obedience and knowing what not to do. The restrictions we are give are for our own good to help us avoid evil.
Satan tried to make eve think that sin is good, desirable and pleasant. A knowledge of good and evil seed harmless to her. We usually choose wrong things because we have been convinced that those things are are good at least for ourselves. Pornography, crime, homosexuality, theft, corruption…..Our sins do not always appear ugly to us and the pleasant sins are the hardest to avoid. So prepare your self for the attractive temptations that may come your way. Remember although we can not prevent temptations, we can escape using Gods words and gods people to help us stand against the temptation.


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